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The focus of Sister Is Fine is to always ensure that women know that they are never alone. They should know that no matter what they've gone through, someone is able to relate. These are stories of women who have gone from trauma to triumph. They are given the option to remain anonymous upon submission.

***Please note--Trigger warnings may include: domestic violence, sexual assault, post-traumatic stress disorder, post-partum depression, post-partum anxiety, depression.***

Image by Jens Lindner

Demi's Journal Entry

"This morning began so calm, I felt as if I was in someone else’s body. I felt the morning sun hitting my face as it peeked through my broken blinds. I could hear the birds singing outside of my window, people rolling their trash bins, and dogs barking at who knows what. I sensed my whole body feeling so warm and tingly as it was slowly waking up. I then felt jolted back to reality with a rush of thoughts, and I felt frantic as I searched for my glasses and then my phone."