📝 Submissions Now Open - The Open House

Updated: May 14

Hey, girl, hey!! Ya know what? My apologies. Men are now frequenting my page more than ever and they are welcome to share, too. So let's start over.

Hey, y'all!! I am looking to share stories of those who have gone from troubled to triumph. These can be going through a not-so pleasant marriage and divorce, sexual assault (I know...heavy stuff 😩), childhood trauma, struggling with identity, and healing from all of the above. ALL STORIES ARE WELCOMED! The object is to share your story with those who may be facing something similar.

What I need is from you:

✔️you to send what you would like to be published to contact@sisterisfine.org with a subject “My Story To Tell Submission”

✔️please include your name and age.

✔️let me know if you’d like to your name to be printed or if the story is anonymous. You age will still be used.

I will read your submission, apply any edits, and send back to you for approval. Once approved, you’ll receive an email letting you know when you can expect your story to be published.

Let me know if you have any questions. 😊

Thanks for stopping by!