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Jamiliah Paschal-Smith hosts workshop at Austin Area Urban League's Mom's Braincooler

I'm Jamiliah

My Passion is Helping Women See Themselves as Masterpieces.

Sister Is Fine ™ began at a pivotal point in my life. This is when I noticed a similarity in conversations I would have with my girlfriends. They all were overwhelmed. They all were frustrated. And they all felt alone and misunderstood.

I daydreamed about having the opportunity to build a community of women who just sat around and vented about whatever plagued them--spouses, children, jobs, lack of a social life.

I now spend my days thinking of ways to make women consistently feel better about themselves long-term. Sometimes, being told you're enough simply won't cut it. It takes convincing ourselves, it takes self-work, and it takes a heck of a lot of grace.

I introduce women to the journey of compassion and self-care, and walk with them as they discover who they were always meant to be--a strong, emotionally-healthy, boundary-setting force that loves life and settles for nothing less than what she deserves.


I have lived in Austin and the metroplex for 18 years (wow!) and enjoy exploring the city any chance I can. I am married and have birthed four incredible tiny humans. I love to eat, travel, and talk (don't get me started because I won't stop). I am a creative at heart. I love live music, songwriting, writing fiction, and photography.

But my #1 passion will always be....pouring into others.

I hope our paths cross really soon. I can't wait to meet you!

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