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Resolution This. Resolution That.

If I were to adopt New Year's resolutions, I would not even think to begin until it's too late. I wouldn't remember until a few days into the new year and by then, I would probably just say "forget it." This is why it's important to start when it's most comfortable for you. When does it make sense to make a lifestyle change?

The answer is easy: On your time.

Here are a few resolutions that I believe would be better branded as personal goals that start when you believe you are mentally prepared for that change:

  • Losing weight or exercising more

  • Abstaining from alcohol or drug use

  • Traveling more

  • Setting boundaries

  • Learning a new skill/adopting a hobby

  • Organizing your home/decluttering

Then there are resolutions that would be okay for me to start on January 1st and run through the end of the year, but simply because they are calendar-based. These tend to rely on a specific schedule. For example, saving a particular amount of money each day or each week in order to reach the end goal on December 31st.

For me, I am not good at setting that start date of January and knocking it out of the park. So I opt for lifestyle changes when I am mentally ready. I could have a very regular day and decide that is the day I stop smoking (I don't smoke. I'm just saying. 💁🏾‍♀️)

I think it's important to not be pressured to start just to fail because you really weren't ready. You should ask yourself these questions:

"What do I want to improve in my life?"

"What have I been working towards changing?"

"How much progress have I made?"

"Do I need to alter my approach in order to succeed?"

Make the decision for yourself to make a change or two. Write it down. Speak it out. Manifest it and it will happen.


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