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5 Habits Worth Building

Habit-building can seem intimidating. And honestly, it is for many of us. After all, it can take months to build a new habit. But where you do start? Which "thing" in your life would you like to enhance? I've quickly put a list of five things together. You don't have to attempt all of these habits at once, but take what you feel will fit into your life at the moment, then come back for the rest.

1. Preparing for your day the night before.

Remember how our parents would lay our clothes out for school? Maybe they were on to something. This can definitely save you time in the mornings and give a bit of grace when you want to stay in bed an extra five minutes. Decide on an outfit, the shoes, and accessories the night before, but keep an alternate in mind in case you dread your decision. Others ways you can get a good start to the day are by meal prepping, making sure your bag is packed with what you'll need so that you can simply grab and go, and setting the timer on the coffee maker. If you are a tea drinker, try these tea drops instead. You can toss them in your bag or quickly make a cuppa on your way out the door.

2. Daily affirmations.

Speak life into the day. "I will take charge of my day." "I will not let any negative situations decrease my gratitude." "No matter what happens today, I will make it out on top." Affirmations are a great way to remind ourselves of our life intentions. If you are a beginner with affirmations, a great way to start is by writing some on a few sticky notes and placing them in places you frequent, such as your bathroom mirror or the dashboard in the car. Or, you could carry around these cute little pocket affirmations.

3. Practicing gratitude.

Finding a way to remain grateful for what you currently have while pursuing your desires will change your outlook on life. You could simply be thankful for waking up, for having a source of income, or for the people who have stuck by your side. Try keeping a gratitude journal by your bed and jotting down one thing you're grateful for each night.

4. Reading something new

No, we're not in school. Yes, you should keep your mind sharp. Set aside 30 minutes a day to read up on something you're interested in or pick up a fiction novel to escape to. Reading has proven to increase productivity and reduce stress. So, pick your poison, fiction, non-fiction, biographies, self-help, etc.

5. Surrounding yourself around great people. Always think about the people you choose to be around. Ask yourself these questions: When you are around them, are you motivated to be your best self? What value do they add to you or your life? What are you learning from them? Or, are they speaking against your goals with non-constructive criticism. Are they telling you that you aren't good enough? Are they telling you that you should be focused on them instead? The people you surround yourself with can be life-altering, so choose wisely.

No matter what habits you're thinking of adopting, I hope you choose things that enhance your life and create more value in your time. Creating habits increases the chances that we achieve our life goals and improve our overall well-being. Whether you are wanting to be more organized, more productive with your time, or want to focus on your physical or mental health, creating good habits will be beneficial.

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