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Soft Black Mama

Minimize the "Strong Black Woman" Narrative

Hey, sis, hey!! You have made it to a place where you are recognized, highlighted, and celebrated. Soft Black Mama is all about making a way for you to understand that you deserving of rest and restoration. Our stories are traditionally ones of survival mode, but that ends now.

We tell our stories, we share our pains, but we are also learning self-care, self-compassion, and self-love.

SBM has three missions: assist in the healing of black women and young black girls so survival mode becomes a thing of the past, increase awareness of the black maternal death rate by putting a spotlight on injustices of black female patients, and celebrate wins of black women so that black girls have role models to look up to.

Thank you for being here, Queen. We love you already.

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Take a look at what we have in the works. We will be adding more information to this page as time progresses. Please subscribe below to stay updated and to be included in discussions.

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Black Birth Stories

Storytelling that involves trauma, gaslighting, hate, racism, and death during pregnancy and birth.

Mothers and Daughters

Exploring the relationship between two generations.

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Black Mama Meet-ups

Discussions about self-care in the home and in the community.

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