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Exploring Your Ideal Support System

Journal Prompt for the Month

Take some time to reflect on what a support system means to you. Your support system might include friends, family, mentors, or community groups that uplift and encourage you. Consider the following questions to guide your journaling:

1. Define Support: What does the word "support" mean to you? How do you feel when you are truly supported?

2. Identify Key People: Who are the key people in your life who provide you with emotional, mental, or physical support? How do they help you feel supported?

3. Ideal Characteristics: What qualities do you value most in a support system? Is it trust, empathy, encouragement, or something else?

4. Gaps in Support: Are there areas in your life where you feel you lack support? What kind of support would be most beneficial in these areas?

5. Personal Contributions: How do you contribute to the support system of others? Reflect on the ways you provide support to those around you.

6. Building Your Network: If you could build your ideal support system, what would it look like? Who would be in it, and what roles would they play?

7. Action Steps: What steps can you take to strengthen your current support system or build a new one? Consider reaching out to someone, joining a group, or setting boundaries to protect your energy.

Write freely, without judgment, and allow yourself to explore your thoughts and feelings deeply. Your support system is a vital part of your journey toward intentional living and personal growth.

You can use each point as separate entries if you'd like. Remember, it's your journal and your experience, so there's no need to follow a specific format.

Good writings!

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