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Why are we here?

Founded in 2020

Welcome home, sis! You found us! And it’s about time. In 2020, when SIF was birthed, it was about serving woman who craved support, community, and healing. But the mission has grown and so have we.


Sister Is Fine is an affirmation of manifestation. When you say, “Sister is fine,” you are stating what is and what will be. And if you want to go deeper, what you have always been. But, we will get to that later.


Sister is Fine was formed to give all women a sense of hope and something to aspire to. We will be fine, but we have to do the work to get there. We are speaking the “fine” into existence and doing the work to get us there.


As you navigate this website and this community, you will notice that there are many tools and opportunities to help you along your journey of personal growth. Women who benefit from these tools come from all walks of life and their goals range from healing from past hurt to starting a business. All women will thrive here. Single women navigating all of the nuances of womanhood, women who are career-driven, women who want to conquer the difference facades of motherhood, or the woman who wants to do it all.


There is nothing that is impossible when we join us. There is no goal that can’t be reached. There is no dream that is too big. There is no barrier that can’t be broken down.


So buckle up! It’s about to be a fun ride!

If one woman feels alone in her era of womanhood, sisterhood, or motherhood, that is too many. Often times, we as women feel as though we must go through certain struggles alone. "Maybe no one has gone through this before." "Maybe no one can help me."

The truth is we are not alone. We can all relate. More importantly, some of us have testimonies we could share that would help the next woman through her journey.

We've built a platform for women to connect and share, to vent and release, and to learn how they can manifest the life they know they deserve and are destined for.

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